Metabolism: How to Keep it Healthy

Eat Breakfast

When you wake, your body is naturally ready to take in fuel and burn calories. Take advantage of this time by eating a healthy breakfast that is low in fat and high in protein which will get your metabolism fired up for the day.

No More Skipping Meals

Eating keeps your metabolism in check. Skipping a meal or going too long without eating will slow your metabolism down. Your body will begin to slow processes down in an effort to conserve energy and fat.


Healthy snacking can help curb your appetite between meals and will keep you from overeating. Snacking will also help keep blood sugar levels steady, ultimately preventing your metabolism from slowing down.


Building and maintaining muscle requires the body to burn calories, even at rest. Exercise
keeps your metabolism alive and prevents the natural slowing of your metabolism as you age.


An inadequate amount of sleep at night can throw your body’s hormones off, making you feel hungrier than usual. It is recommended that you sleep seven to eight hours a night. During that time, your body regulates itself and prepares for the next day.