Eye Care at Avita

Avita’s optometry program is focused on improving vision, diagnosing eye disease, and caring for the eyes and related structures.

Avita Health System expanded our surgical capabilities by partnering with Ophthalmologists from The OSU Havener Eye Institute in Columbus, Ohio. These board-certified surgeons are now at Bucyrus Hospital for retina and cornea surgery, which complements the cataract surgeries which are also available.

Taking care of your eyes is very important. In fact, being proactive in maintaining eye health not only helps to prevent vision loss but can also contribute to your overall well-being. Healthy, comfortable eyes and clear eyesight can contribute to a higher quality-of-life at work and at play. For these reasons, partnering with a comprehensive eye care provider is important to maintaining ocular health and maximizing visual performance in many of life’s daily activities.

Proactive steps to maintain eye care help prevent vision loss and can lead to a higher quality of life. Our eye care physicians help patients maintain their ocular health and maximize visual performance. Professionally staffed with all the modern instrumentation, eye examinations are both comfortable and complete. Our eye care office utilizes some of the most sophisticated ophthalmic technology including O.C.T. Optic Nerve Analysis and the latest Ocular Biometry IOLMaster for precise measurements prior to cataract surgery.

If you have changes in vision, eye discomfort or pain, diabetes, or a family history of eye disease, then a trip to an optometrist may be wise for you.