Improving the Health and Well-being of Women at Every Stage of Life

Our women’s health services include gynecology, maternity, breast health, midlife care, and pelvic health. Our team of experts are here for you throughout your health journey – from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause and beyond, we provide screenings, immunizations, exams, ultrasound, and advanced imaging to diagnose and treat your obstetric and gynecological concerns.

With leading technology at our hospitals, including 3D mammography, 3D-guided stereotactic breast biopsy, and advanced ultrasound, we provide women’s health services with compassion and skill. In addition to our physician services and diagnostic testing, we offer education and support groups for breastfeeding mothers, as well as child birthing classes. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

The Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) team at Avita understands the importance of caring for your women’s health concerns with professionalism and compassion. They provide various exams and screenings for women, especially the organs that affect the reproductive system. Obstetrics focuses on pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while gynecology involves medical care for your uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and breasts. Some of the services offered by our OB/GYN team are annual exams, PAP smears, treatment for menstrual problems, contraception, STD testing, prenatal care, and childbirth.


Our compassionate team of OB/GYN’s focus on making pregnancy and childbirth a healthy and joyous time. Our birth place is a safe and secure environment with private patient rooms, amenities for partners, birthing suites, surgical suites, and a 24-hour dedicated OB staff, including a lactation consultant for breastfeeding support. Fully-renovated in 2015, our birth place offers modern comfort with a clean, sleek design and advanced security features. We view each new life as a reason to celebrate. Our experienced team of doctors, nurses, and support staff are dedicated to helping your baby get the best possible start.

New Mother Baby Resources

Galion Hospital

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Natural Beginnings Lactation Services

Deanna Grube, BS, IBCLC
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Breastfeeding Support Groups (Free)

Pregnant & New Moms

To keep everyone safe, we are going “virtual” and holding these meetings online. Meetings will be held on Zoom. You must register and download the Zoom app prior to the meeting. To register, call 419-468-0910 or email


1st Friday and 3rd Monday of each month, 1:00 – 2:00pm

FREE VIRTUAL “Breastfeeding 101 Class” with Zoom follow-up class 1st Thurs. of each month, 6-7pm

La Leche League

Crawford County
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Breast Pump Suppliers

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Women’s Boutique Riverside Hospital

W.I.C. (Women, Infants, & Children) Programs

Crawford County
1520 Isaac Beal Rd, Bucyrus
Deanna Grube BS, IBCLC
Holly Kozinski, Breastfeeding Peer

Marion County
181 South Main St., Marion
Dorothy Spears, Breastfeeding Peer

Morrow County
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Margo Dixon, Breastfeeding Peer

Richland County
555 Lexington Ave, Mansfield
Vicky Boyd, RDLD, BS, IBCLC

Wyandot County
127 S Sandusky Ave #A, Upper Sandusky


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Breast Health

We offer advanced diagnostic screenings and treatment options to help you maintain healthy breasts. Whether you’re seeking a preventative screening or have concerns about breast lumps or pain, we provide caring services using the leading technology. Our breast health services include 3D mammography, 3D-guided stereotactic breast biopsy, and breast surgery.

3D Mammography

3D mammography is an advanced imaging test that captures multiple images from different angles. These digital images are then reconstructed or “synthesized” into a set of three-dimensional images by a computer. This gives a clear picture of the breast, even those with dense tissue. A 3D image makes it easier for doctors to catch breast cancer early. It also reduces the chance of a false positive reading and being called back for an additional screening. We offer 3D mammography at Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals.

The 3D exam provides better, earlier breast cancer detection, compared to 2D alone. Greater accuracy means greater breast cancer detection, and a reduced chance of additional imaging. This benefit, alone, spares patients the emotional, pragmatic, and economic burdens of additional diagnostic evaluations, including biopsies. The speed of acquiring the image is beneficial as well. The minimized exam, means less discomfort and reduces the chances for motion artifact. This increased comfort can help reduce unpleasantness during the exam.

Avita’s 3D mammography technology gives patients a more accurate exam. Radiologists are able to more accurately screen, triage to biopsy, or dismiss a potential false positive for women of different ages and breast densities. With this new technology, fine details are more visible and not hidden by the tissue above or below. Early detection is important. When breast cancer is found early, the five year survival rate is greatly improved.

To schedule your mammogram, call 419-462-3310.

3D-Guided Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Women who receive an abnormal mammogram may now benefit from a 3D-guided stereotactic breast biopsy. This is an accurate and efficient image-guided procedure that is less invasive than the traditional surgical alternative to retrieve samples of tissue for examination.

Breast Surgery

We offer a variety of breast surgery options. If your breast biopsy shows abnormal results, we have a team of general surgeons to help put your mind at ease. They are experts at removing abnormal tissue, tumors, and cancer. Whether you require a lumpectomy or mastectomy, they bring experience and compassion when you need it the most.

We also offer plastic and reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction after lumpectomy or mastectomy, as well as breast reduction, augmentation (implants), and breast lifts.

Nurse Navigation

Our nurse navigator, Melody Joice, provides women with support on their breast health journeys and serves as the touchstone throughout their continuum of care. If you receive an abnormal result on your mammogram screening, Melody steps in to offer education that empowers you to confidently participate in decisions about your treatment, offers resources to overcome treatment barriers, and helps facilitate your coordination of care.

Midlife Care

Women experience unique health challenges at different stages in their lives. Our midlife care for women is focused on menopause, post-menopause, hormone changes, bone health, and pelvic health. Our OB/GYN specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality care that addresses your concerns to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle at every age. Below are some of the specialized services that we offer.


A DEXA (bone density test) scanner uses beams of very low-energy radiation to determine the density of the bone. The test is painless, safe, and is typically covered by insurance. If your provider deems this test necessary, they will work with central scheduling to make an appointment for you. We have DEXA scanners at Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals, as well as Dr. Tyler Huggins OB/GYN office in Galion.

Osteoporosis Clinic

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle. The bones can become so brittle there is risk of fracture, even with mild stress, such as coughing. Osteoporosis occurs when the creation of new bone cannot keep up with the loss of old bone. Our clinic helps patients modify risk factors for bone loss and falls. Talk to your primary care provider if you think the osteoporosis clinic may be right for you.

Pelvic Health

The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles, ligaments, and tissue that helps support the bladder, bowel, and uterus in women. It helps you maintain your bladder and bowel control and also helps with sexual function. As you age, your pelvic floor changes, especially as you experience hormone changes during menopause. Other contributing factors include childbirth, heavy lifting or straining, obesity, congenitally weak connective tissue, and prior surgery. Commonly treated pelvic health conditions include urinary or fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. If you are experiencing pelvic health issues, you shouldn’t delay treatment. Our OB/GYN specialists are experts at caring for your personal health issues with understanding and compassion.

Urinary Incontinence Surgery

Dr. Tyler Huggins performs sling surgery for women who experience urinary stress incontinence, such as urinating when coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, or lifting. During sling surgery, Dr. Huggins uses tissue or synthetic mesh to create a “sling” to support the urethra and neck of the bladder. This extra support helps prevent urine leaks.


Urodynamics is a series of diagnostic tests that evaluate the function of the bladder and urethra. These tests may be recommended if you have urinary incontinence (leakage of urine), recurrent bladder infections, slow or weak urinary stream, incomplete bladder emptying or frequent urination. These tests provide important information for your physician to accurately diagnose and treat your bladder problems.