Occupational Health at Avita

Good occupational health is an essential part of every business plan. Avita Health System is proud to answer the request of area businesses and industries by offering services designed to meet the needs of today’s employers.

By working hand-in-hand with concerned employers, we have initiated a program ready to provide quality health care and outstanding service at an affordable cost.

We understand the importance of a swift recovery time for your employee after an accident or illness, the urgency of pre-employment physicals, and the dollars saved in the prevention of illness when health education programs are implemented.

WorkWell offers local employers the services needed to ensure a safe and productive work environment while maintaining affordability and the convenience of a home-town location. Employers use WorkWell for worker safety, injury prevention, injury follow-up and services to meet the standards of governing organizations such as OSHA and BWC. WorkWell files all BWC paperwork for the injured employee and provides follow-up medical care by a BWC certified physician.

All services provided by certified staff in compliance with state and federal regulations. The staff includes a BWC certified physician, nurse, and physical and occupational therapists.

Call WorkWell at 419-468-0630. We’re ready to help you customize services that could result in substantial savings to you while allowing for maximum production from your employees through our WorkWell program.

Basic Packages

  • Basic Screening: Includes a basic pre-employment exam by a medical professional, a vision screen, a hearing screen, and a urine drug test
  • Basic Screening Plus: Includes the components of the Basic Screening and allows other services such as EKG, spirometry screen and X-ray.
  • E-Screening

Service Packages

  • Police & Fire Physical: Includes all the requirements for a police and fire physical such as physical exam, vision screen, hearing screen, PFT, blood work, EKG, and stress test
  • DOT Physicals, Drug Screens & Breath Alcohol: Includes items in the current regulations for a Department of Transportation
  • E-Screening

Many of the above services are offered at Bucyrus, Galion and Ontario Hospitals or on-site for your convenience.


Pre-employment services include a physical exam by a licensed medical professional, and includes vision and hearing screenings. Additional services are available and include:

  • Physical Exams
    • DOT
    • Bus Driver
    • Pre-employment
    • Fitness for duty
    • Functional Capacity
  • Urine Drug Screen
    • DOT
    • Non-DOT (5, 7, 10 panel w/expanded opiates)
    • ECup
  • Spirometry Screening
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Breath Alcohol Testing-DOT and Non-DOT
  • Chest X-Ray
  • EKG/Stress Test
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Blood Profile
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Audiology Testing

In-service training programs include:

  • Body Mechanics
  • Workplace Wellness Screenings
  • Ergonomic Review of Work Duties

Post-Accident Services

  • Emergency Department Care
  • Follow-up Visit with a BWC Certified Provider
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy Program
  • Walk In Clinic

On-Site Services

  • Body Mechanics
  • Workplace Wellness Screenings