Avita Health System Resumes All Surgeries and Procedures

BUCYRUS/GALION/ONTARIO – Effective today, Avita Health System is resuming all surgeries and procedures at Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals.

On March 18, Avita postponed elective surgeries and procedures in an effort to prioritize critically-ill patients and conserve resources, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital beds. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Avita continued to perform emergency surgeries and procedures for conditions that posed a threat to a patient’s life, risk of permanent organ damage, and those with rapidly worsening symptoms. On May 4, Avita resumed outpatient elective surgeries.

Today, in accordance with Governor DeWine lifting surgery restrictions earlier this week, Avita is reopening all surgeries and procedures, including those that require an overnight stay.

Avita will continue to prioritize patient health and safety. The “no visitors” policy is still in effect, as well as universal masking, limiting entry to one patient entrance per hospital, and screening all patients who enter the hospitals. All surgical patients are required to undergo COVID-19 testing and quarantine prior to surgery.

As services reopen, Avita will maintain adequate inventories of PPE, supplies, medication, and medical equipment. They are monitoring supply usage and have a conservation plan in place that includes decontaminating and reusing supplies, if necessary. Avita is prepared to respond to an unexpected surge in COVID-19 cases and will continue to monitor hospital operations, assess the needs of the community, and take necessary COVID-19 precautions as new information emerges.