CuddleCot Donated to Avita Ontario Hospital Maternity Unit

On April 24, the Avita Ontario Hospital maternity unit had a dedication ceremony for their new CuddleCot, donated in memory of Daisy Jane Garrett.

For most families that come to the maternity unit, it is a moment to celebrate a new life. However, some will have to the navigate the difficult journey of a pregnancy or infant loss. A CuddleCot is a specially designed cooling bassinet that gives the grieving family time to say goodbye to their baby.

The Garrett family graciously donated a CuddleCot to the new Ontario maternity unit through the organization Ashlie’s Embrace. They were moved to do so after their own experience with infant loss. At 40 weeks, the family was devastated to learn that Daisy did not have a heartbeat and would be stillborn. The family credited the CuddleCot to allow them “to spend 3 days with Daisy while still in the hospital. We were able to hold and kiss her, soak in her features and take our time to say our goodbyes.”

The Garrett family wanted to ensure that other families were offered this measure of comfort as well. This is the second CuddleCot donation that Avita has received from Ashlie’s Embrace with the first going to the Galion Hospital maternity department. Avita Health System would like to thank the Garrett family and Ashlie’s Embrace for the donation of the CuddleCot in memory of Daisy Jane Garrett.