Neurology: 5 Reasons to see a Neurologist


Seizures that seem sudden or without any obvious cause are symptoms that you should see your doctor about.

Memory Problems or Confusion

Problems speaking, extreme problems with memory, changes in personality, or confusion are all symptoms that could be caused by disorders or problems in the brain, spine, and nerves.

Vision Problems

If difficult seeing is sudden and happens in both eyes, you may want to have your vision evaluated.

Movement Problems

Difficult walking, being clumsy, unintentional jerks or movements, or tremors are a few symptoms that can be signs of a problem in your nervous system.

Severe Headaches

Severe headache symptoms include migraines, vomiting, a headache that becomes more severe or is continuous, a painful headache that comes on suddenly or pain that is worsened by strain, a headache that starts early in the morning, changes in vision, or even seizures.