Hearing Loss

The majority of people develop hearing loss as a result of getting older, but there are other factors that can contribute to hearing loss at any age. Excessive noise exposure is the number one reason for hearing loss. Work settings and recreational activities can be noisy and damaging to the inner ear. Hearing loss encompasses more than a decrease in a person’s ability to detect sound. While the decrease in the sensory input is a common grievance for our patients, they may also experience:

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Poor understanding of conversations
  • Single-sided hearing loss

Do you believe you may have hearing loss? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I often ask others “What?” or to repeat themselves?
  • Do I turn the TV or radio louder than what is comfortable for others?
  • Do I have trouble understanding speech in restaurants?
  • Do I have difficulty understanding soft voices, especially those of women and children?

If you suspect you have some hearing loss, contact an audiologist for a professional hearing assessment. When hearing loss goes untreated, your overall quality of life could suffer. You may miss the sounds of songbirds, having everyday conversations and watching TV. Your hearing loss also affects family, friends, and co-workers who may struggle to communicate with you.

Common misconceptions of hearing loss.

Hearing aids don’t work!

Technology is rapidly developing; today’s hearing aids are superior to those of 5-10 years ago! There are also many variables that have an effect on the success of hearing aids. The success of the instrument depends on your lifestyle, the severity of your hearing loss, and your individual preferences. Our audiologists will help you every step of the way to choose what will work best for you.

I’m too young for hearing aids!

This is not true. Did you know 65% of individuals with hearing loss are below retirement age? There are approximately six million people in the United States between the ages of 18 and 44 with hearing loss.

Hearing aids are too expensive!

Hearing aids today not only come in an array of styles and sizes but also with several levels of technology and many affordable options. Our audiologists are happy to review pricing ranges to ensure your lifestyle, as well as budgetary needs, are satisfied. We gladly offer payment plans through HELP Financial.