Online Nutrition Classes

We are now offering online classes to help our Bariatric patients meet their goals without the need for face-to-face classes. You will be scheduled ​either online individual classes or online group classes.

Individual Classes

For online individual classes you will need to complete the videos on our website to prepare. To complete each class, click the tab to the left for the class you want to take and watch the video that appears. After watching the video, click on the tab for the associated quiz and complete the form. The video and corresponding quiz should be completed prior to your virtual appointment with the dietitian. Depending upon your needs the appointment will either be a telephone call or virtual visit (using Zoom video conferencing app). Your Avita dietitian will use one of these options to review the class, the quiz, and answer any questions you may have. You will need an 80% on your quiz to pass or your dietitian will create a follow up appointment.

Group Classes

For online group classes you will need to complete the group class survey located on our website to prepare for the class. To complete, click the tab to the left that says group class survey and complete the form. This will be used by the dietitian to track your progress. Please submit the form PRIOR to your online group class. The actual class will be held on Zoom video conferencing app. Please join the zoom meeting 10 minutes prior to the official start time so your dietitian has time to check everyone in. If you attempt to join 10 minutes past the start time, the class will not be open to you and the appointment will need to be rescheduled.


If utilizing a video appointment, when it is time for your appointment, you will be provided a Meeting Link, Meeting ID and password to access your Telehealth appointment. This information will be sent to the email we have listed in your medical chart. If you have not received an email by the day of your appointment we ask that you please check your Junk/Spam mail box before contacting the office. You must use video and either a phone call or computer audio to join a Telehealth appointment. In order to use this service, please follow the instructions below or call the office at 567-307-7948.

Whether your appointment is to be completed via phone call or video visit your dietitians ask that you be in an environment that is supportive of learning. You should not be walking, driving, working, etc. Your space should be quiet and free of distractions. If you are unable to find a space suitable to interact with your dietitian then you will ask to be rescheduled.

Software Installation

Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your mobile device or visit the Zoom website and then follow the instructions for your device below.


  1. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from Google Play or the App Store via the links above.
  2. Launch the app and click “Join a Meeting”. Enter the Meeting ID you were given and your name, and then click “Join”.
  3. Enter the password you were provided. You may be asked to allow permissions to access your microphone and camera. Make sure to allow permission.
  4. On the video preview screen, click “Join with Video”.
  5. Once connected press “Call via Device Audio” on Android or “Call using Internet Audio” on iPhone.


  1. Click the Zoom logo above to visit the Zoom website.
  2. When the page loads, enter the Meeting ID you were given and click “Join”.
  3. On the next screen the Zoom software should automatically download. If it does not start automatically, click the link that says “download here”. Open the file that was downloaded once it is finished.
  4. When the software opens, enter your name and the password you were provided. Then, click “Join Meeting”.
  5. Next, ensure your webcam is working properly in the preview and click “Join with Video”.
  6. Once connected, click “Join with Computer Audio”.

Group Class Survey

Class 1: Carbohydrates & Fluid

Quiz 1: Carbohydrates & Fluid

Class 2: Protein & Supplements

Quiz 2: Protein & Supplements

Class 3: Fat & Dining Out

Quiz 3: Fat & Dining Out

Class 4: Managing Your Post-Surgery Diet

Quiz 4: Managing Your Post-Surgery Diet