Avita Allows Limited Visitation for Patients

BUCYRUS/GALION/ONTARIO – Starting today, Avita Health System is now allowing limited patient visitation at its hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.

“We are starting to re-open our facilities for visitors,” explained Jerome Morasko, President/CEO of Avita Health System. “Creating a safe environment for patients and their families has been a focus for us these last few months and we feel it’s time to allow patient visitation in a limited capacity.”

Avita temporarily stopped all visitation on March 20 to protect patients, visitors, employees, medical staff, and the community from COVID-19 exposure. While no visitors were allowed in the hospitals during this time, exceptions were made for end-of life-care, patients under the age of 18, individuals with disabilities, those undergoing emergency surgery, and maternity patients.

Patients are now allowed one visitor per day at Bucyrus, Galion, and Ontario Hospitals, as well as one visitor per day at Avita’s Walk-In Clinics and medical offices. Visitation for hospital patients is 8:00am – 8:00pm. Overnight visitation is not permitted. Hospital patients who test positive for COVID-19 will not be permitted a visitor unless receiving end-of-life care.

Additionally, Avita is allowing two visitors per day for maternity patients and newborn office appointments. Patients receiving end-of-life care have no restriction on the number of daily visitors, but only two will be permitted at a time. Visitors will be allowed to use the hospital cafeterias, but the general public is still not permitted.

Morasko added, “If you’re not able to visit your loved one in the hospital due to illness or location, our team can help families video chat. We implemented this communication tool when our no visitors policy went into effect and it’s been well-received by our patients and their families.”

Many of Avita’s COVID-19 precautions are still in effect and now pertain to visitors, including universal masking, one entrance per hospital, and health screening for all who enter the hospitals.