Debbie put off her knee replacements for many years as she was caring for her aging parents. Her knees were bone-on-bone, painful, and it was difficult for her to walk. On a retirement trip, Debbie felt bad that she couldn’t walk far or climb stairs. That’s when she decided it was time to seek help.

Debbie remembered hearing a radio commercial for Dr. Scott Foster and recalled him stating he treats his patients like he would his own grandma. Debbie had Dr. Foster’s grandmother as a history teacher at Lexington schools, and she was an A+ teacher, so she thought, “this is the surgeon for me.”

Debbie made an appointment with Dr. Foster and thought he was very personable, and his entire staff was welcoming and treated her like family. “The staff are all so friendly, always greeting you with a smile,” she said. “Dr. Foster’s program and the Joint Camp are amazing. You go and learn all about what is going to happen, and his nurse Jane, who’s been with him since he started, demonstrates everything. They explain everything in layman’s terms, so it’s easy to understand.”

In November 2020, Debbie arrived at Ontario Hospital to have her right knee replacement surgery. “When you have your surgery, they insert this thin line into the knee cavity, which is attached to a bag of medicine (an ON-Q ball). It is not an addictive pain medication. It’s just a numbing agent, like when you have a tooth filled. You use it for a week and it gets you through the hardest part after surgery,” explained Debbie.

Her experience was top notch and she really appreciated the rose that Dr. Foster and his staff sent to her room after surgery. Debbie was able to walk out of the hospital and go home the same day.

Just five months later, Dr. Foster also replaced her left knee. Debbie currently has zero knee pain. She no longer has trouble walking and can stand up straight without assistance. As an usher at her church, she can now proudly walk down the aisle without her husband’s help.

Based on her experience at Avita Health System, Debbie believes that Dr. Foster’s program runs like a well-oiled machine and was happy she could stay close to home. “That was a big thing, the convenience. He’s just down the road,” said Debbie. “I’d give my experience an A+!”