What is a patient billing advocate?

To help with the daunting and confusing task of paying and organizing bills, Avita Health System added Patient Billing Advocates to our line of community services. Our Billing Advocates help patients understand and sort through the paperwork they receive from their healthcare providers and insurance companies.

What Connections do you have to help individuals with bills?

We have developed relationships with local, state, and federal organizations to help supply provide information regarding financial assistance and other programs that are offered. A few agency connections we have include: Council On Aging, Health Department, Community Action, Job and Family Services, and Veterans Affairs.

How do I schedule an appointment with a billing advocate?

By calling one of the following numbers, appointments can be made with a Billing Advocate. Appointments typically last for one hour.

How much does an appointment cost?

Appointments are free of charge! Avita is proud to be able to offer this type of community service.

Do I have to be an Avita patient?

Absolutely not! Advice and assistance from our Billing Advocates is an option to anybody, regardless if you utilize Avita for your healthcare services.