AvitaHealth.org uses Google analytics to measure data on visitors.

What does Google Analytics Record?

  • How you found AvitaHealth.org
  • Popular pages that are visited
  • Devices used on our website

For a full comprehensive list of what Google Analytics uses, please visit Google’s own resources here.

We do not track personal information such as names, phone numbers, addresses or any information that is specific to you.

What do you do with this data?

Avita Health System is about you. This data collection helps us understand you as a visitor of AvitaHealth.org and helps us build an online experience that makes it easy for you to find the information you are looking for.

I don’t want Google to track my information?

You can opt out of this experience. Google explains how to do that here. Google also has created a browser tool you can install to opt out completely. You can install it here.