• Bring a list of medications you are taking, including the dosage amount, and the reason you are taking it. This list should accompany you at all times.
  • Bring someone with you, if possible. The outcome of an ER visit is unknown, so it is important to bring someone to drive you home. This person can also assist you and the ER team in relaying important information.
  • Bring a copy of your living will and durable healthcare power of attorney, if you have one. If you can’t bring it, always know where it is located and make sure your family understands your wishes.
  • Be familiar with your health history and inform the ER team if you have been treated for your current condition before. Being familiar with your allergies and immunization record is also important.
  • Be prepared to give a urine sample. For example, females of child-bearing years may need a urinalysis to rule out pregnancy so further testing can be done.
  • Remain calm. It is difficult to do so under stress and pain, however, a calm environment enhances communication between you and the healthcare team.




Emergency Services

Our ER teams, who are are trained in the management of emergency medicine, staff Avita's Emergency Departments around the clock. The teams include technologists and technicians from various departments to aid in the evaluation, treatment, and diagnosis of patients. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners collaborate with the physicians and are scheduled during the busier hours to help reduce patient wait time.

Our goal at Avita Health System is to exceed your expectations in the Emergency Room.

Hospital based ER

Patient room in the Ontario hospital based ER

Private Rooms

  • 23 private and spacious emergency rooms including six dedicated ER FastTrack rooms
  • Large, frosted sliding glass doors with curtains for privacy and noise reduction
  • Accessible to radiology, laboratory, inpatient and surgical care


Advanced Trauma Rooms

  • Extra large, spacious trauma rooms for ease of use for medical teams
  • Large, emergency access sliding glass doors with curtains for privacy
  • Easy access for ground and air ambulance crews
  • Equipped with cardiac monitors and state-of-the-art telemedicine robots to care for stroke and burn patients
  • Easy and immediate access to radiology, lab, inpatient and surgical care



Galion Hospital has implemented a new ER program called FastTrack. By adding patient rooms and additional providers, Galion Hospital’s ER is able to care for patients in a more timely and efficient manner.

Patients visiting the Galion emergency room with a non-critical condition or injury will be treated sooner because the new rooms and new providers are dedicated to these patients. It is common in a typical emergency department for seriously ill or injured patients to be taken care of first. To help avoid the inconvenience of waiting, specifically for patients whose medical condition isn’t critical or life-threatening, Galion’s FastTrack program will treat patients quicker by utilizing this dedicated ER space.

Galion Hospital added five new beds and new providers solely responsible for patients who need less urgent care. For example, sometimes parents are concerned that their child’s condition is too significant to wait until the next day. Other times, individuals know that they can’t wait because they need symptom relief or have a minor cut that needs stitched.

Avita’s FastTrack at Galion Hospital is open from 10:00 a.m.
to 9:00 p.m.


A specially-designed room just for kids with toys, bubbles, and more? Yes! Bucyrus Hospital’s Emergency Room just became kid-friendly.