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Concussion Management

Avita works hard to educate parents, athletes, and coaches on the true nature of head injuries, de-mystifying the diagnosis and proper treatment. We make every effort to have a sports medicine team member at parent/coach meetings to speak on concussion and other important topics. Our 6-step return to play protocol is done on a daily basis by the Athletic Trainer (AT) or another member of the sports medicine team. Our physicians and ATs work hand-in-hand to provide fluid, comprehensive care and appropriate return to play.

The importance of concussion management is now hitting the mainstream. The OHSAA, NFHS, and NCAA are all cracking down on the recognition and treatment of head injuries. There have been recent cases in which all individuals involved with one athlete were held liable for the mistreatment of a head injury. Individuals include: ATs, coaches, assistant coaches, parents, administrators, and even teachers. Because of the immeasurable severity of head injuries, we make every effort to facilitate and educate the importance of our strict return to play protocol. 


HB 143 now requires all coaches, officials, and assistants to go through educational training on head injuries and concussions. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) facilitates this training. In addition, there is a new requirement for all athletes, who wish to participate, to have a parent's signature on the "parent informational sheet" from the Department of Health. HB 143 also identifies that physicians, either a D.O. or M.D. must see an athlete and "clear" them to return to play.


Part of our concussion management protocol requires all athletes that participate in contact and collision sports have a baseline test. Preseason baseline testing helps to establish normative values for each athlete, which can be used in the event the athlete is concussed. The baseline test consists of a cognitive test (orientation, immediate memory, concentration, and delayed memory), balance test, and coordination tests. The athlete will be tested repeatedly throughout their return to play protocol to help with a safe, objective return back to their sport.

Baseline testing can be accomplished by a 25 minute computerized test using the research-driven ImPACT program, proven to assist healthcare professionals in tracking cognitive healing after an injury occurs. Ask one of our ATs for more information.