ACL Injury

ACL injury is one of the most highly recognized injuries in sports from the public perspective. These injuries result in significant time lost from sport and school and may result in significant down-stream consequences. 200,000 ACL tears occur each year in the United States alone. The rate of non-contact ACL tears can be reduced with proper use of ACL prevention strategies.

The Avita Center for Sports Health offers ACL prevention, rehabilitation, and secondary prevention in a comprehensive fashion.
Pre-season programs are available at our therapy clinics by appointment. Contracted schools are encouraged to help our staff implement an in-season warm-up strategy aimed at incorporating ACL prevention program common elements to make efficient use of time. Following injury, we offer comprehensive rehabilitation which culminates in sport-specific return to play and prevention strategies.

Avita physical therapy clinics are staffed and equipped to perform the most recent evidence-based ACL prevention programs. Our comprehensive program can be utilized by individuals, groups, or teams by appointments. We aim to decrease the rate of ACL injuries in the area through education on risks as well as improving biomechanics, strength, and flexibility. Certified Athletic Trainers
oversee the athlete’s progression through the ACL prevention protocol. This includes education on proper form for functional movements such as the squat, lunge, and jump landing. As the athlete improves, the exercises will increase in difficulty to provide a continuous challenge.

These exercises can be applied to the field of play, and thus we have developed sport-specific protocols to be utilized for pre-practice and pre-game warm-ups that are thorough and efficient. Not only will these refresh the athlete daily on ACL preventative movements, but will also prepare them for the rigors of their sport.

In the event of an ACL reconstruction, we utilize the most evidence-based rehabilitative protocols in our clinics. Athletes are progressed as tolerated within the
restrictions placed by their orthopedic surgeon. Our
goal is to return them to play better and stronger than before the ACL injury.



For many athletes that suffer a season-ending injury, getting back to pre-injury status is a must. Traditional approaches consists of prehab, surgery, and rehab, followed by the wait for medical "clearance" from their physician. At Avita Therapy, we offer an opportunity to bridge the gap between rehab and return to play. Through our injury and sport-specific ACCELERATE programs, we can facilitate a safe and effective return to play program.


This program is designed for post-surgical athletes who have completed therapy but are not quite ready for a full return to play with no restrictions. We also use this program for athletes that have met their insurance visit limit but need to continue therapy. The therapist will work one-on-one with our ACCELERATE professional to design an individualized program using the principles of periodization that will be appropriate for the athlete. During the program, the athlete will work one-on-one with the ACCELERATE professional.