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Disability and Chronic Pain

A link to the Arthritis Foundation is available.

Heart Disease and Stroke

  • Free Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Links to the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Organization are available.

Mental Health and Mental Disorders

  • Several links are available. 

Nutrition and Overweight

  • A link to the government's nutrition website is available.

Substance Abuse

Tobacco Use

  • No smoking during work hours at Avita Health System.
  • Telephone Numbers/Online Support Links

Crawford County Resource Directory


Crawford County Alcohol & Drug Treatment and Support Resource Guide 


The 2015 Community Health Needs  Assessment is complete! Please click here!

2012 Community Health Needs Assessment


Welcome to Avita Health System’s Wellness Link!

Avita Health System is dedicated to helping its community become healthy.

The “health priorities” below represent recommended areas of intervention, based on the information gathered through the Community Health Needs Assessment conducted in 2013 by Professional Research Consultants and the guidelines set forth in Healthy People 2020.

Click on each health priority on the right for self-help tools, activities and other resources for opportunities to help improve your health and wellness.

Disability and Chronic Pain:

  • Arthritis, Rheumatism (Adults 50+)
  • Activity Limitations

Heart Disease and Stroke:

  • Heart Disease Prevalence
  • Hypertension Prevalence
  • High Blood Cholesterol Prevalence
  • Top focus Group Concern
          - Heart Disease
          - Hypertension

Mental Health and Mental Disorders:

  • Top Focus Group Concern
          - Resource Constraints
          - Understaffed Counseling Services
          - Suicide Rate

Nutrition and Overweight:

  • Childhood Overweight
  • Top Focus Group Concern
          - Poor Eating Habits
          - Cost of Nutritional Food
          - Nutrition Education
          - Chronic Disease and Poor Health Outcomes

Substance Abuse:

  • Top Focus Group Concern
          - Prevalence of Drug Use (Especially Heroin)
          - Availability of Treatment Options
          - Need for Residential Facilities

Tobacco Use:

Current Smokers

  • Smoke in the Home (Including Homes With Children)
  • Top Focus Group Concern
          - Health Consequences
          - Low-Income Population and Youth
          - Smoking Cessation Resources

Crawford County agencies interested in improving the wellness of all county residents:


Crawford County Health Partners

Several area agencies are working together on the next community health needs survey, and will continue working together to develop programs that will improve the health of Crawford County residents.


Agencies and Contact Information:


Crawford County Public Health -

Stephanie Zmuda, Galion City Public Health -

Trish Factor, Health Commissioner - 

Cinda Kropka, Avita Health System –

Jody Demo-Hodges, ADAMH -

Sis Love, Bucyrus Council President -

Lisa Workman, Community Foundation for Crawford County - 

Cindy Wallis, Community Counseling -

Cynda Brause, RN, DON, Crawford County Health Department -

James Cox, Crawford 20/20 Vision -

Crawford County Economic Development