Dear Friends of Avita

You are an important part of our  healthcare community. Strong commitment from the people of Crawford County is  what created and sustained our local hospitals and clinics from the very  beginning. 

Also important is the ability to have  local access to a full range of healthcare services when we need them. It is through your support that we are able  to continue offering those important medical services.

The sole purpose of the Avita Health Foundation is  to provide financial assistance to Avita Health System. This financial support  goes a long way toward ensuring we achieve our mission. All funds received are used only to benefit  Bucyrus and Galion Hospitals, related clinics, and its patients.

By contributing to the Avita Health Foundation you leave a positive fingerprint on the future of healthcare for  generations to come.


Board Chair

Dawn Ratliff

Board of Directors

Chanel Hipp, Vice Chair
Ken Daris, Secretary, Treasurer
James W. Pry
Marylyn Strang  
Eric Geyer
Richard Harer 
Nicholas Gesouras      
Randy McDonald
Dr. Boyd Epperson


Jerome Morasko, CEO    
Eric Draime, CFO    
Doug Schilling, Avita Health System Board Chair

Foundation Director

Tammy Schott
269 Portland Way S
Galion, OH 44833